Our DIFME articles aim to address a few of the challenges your business will face in line with the DIFME objectives.

If you think of yourself as financially illiterate, you are not alone. Many people struggle with knowing how to manage personal and business finance. Becoming financially literate does not happen overnight, nor is it accomplished by reading just one book. It happens through education, practical experience, and life lessons.

As technologies change, it is vital for businesses to innovate or be left behind. Internationalization can refer to a company that takes steps to increase its footprint or capture greater market share outside of its country of domicile by branching out into international markets. We live in rapidly changing times, especially for businesses. Businesses have had to adapt to entirely new marketing channels (web and social), decide how to invest in and utilise new technologies, and compete on a global stage — things that were barely imaginable to our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. No single person can be an expert in everything. This was, perhaps, always true, but it has never been more apparent.

The DIFME toolkit and SMEHub can help you appease some of these challenges.

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Why Microentrepreneurs need a Financial Perspective.
Finance is the language of business; its terms communicate complex business situations effectively and financial statements are nothing less than the scorecards of business.
Internationalisation and Open innovation
Microentrepreneurs certainly find changing circumstances and every growing competition particularly daunting due to limited resources and limited opportunity to recruit specialised human resources
Internationalisation - Cultural Issues and Buying Behaviour (Part 2)
To be able to grasp the ins and outs of different country markets, it is crucial to get thorough understanding of cultural differences.
Internationalisation - Cultural Issues and Buying Behaviour (Part 1)
The world is becoming more globalised, and research indicates that the drastic differences between cultures, clearly effects consumer behaviour.
Internationalisation - Networking
Finding new customers, intermediaries, partners and international opportunities hinges on successful international networking.

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