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Update on the DIFME project

Published by DIFME on 16-Οκτ-2019

After the meeting in Dublin and using Skype meetings as the channel for communication, partners are working on the identification of the the selection of disciplines to develop the new cooperative learning model and the revised learning outcomes.This has been based on the survey results wherein the partners successfully received over the targeted amount of 350 responses related to micro entrepreneur feedback. All countries prepared a country report – these were the basis of the synthesis report developed by the University of Malta.

The WP leader Inqubator Leewarden has presented a proposal of the disciplines to be adapted to the new learning cooperative process, their curricula and the first draft off the model . Led by Inqubator Leeuwarden, the partners have now identified the learning outcomes and divided the tasks to work on the outline for their content.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes