Doing business in Italy


There are many sources of support for business start-up. The agencies shown below can offer different types of support some also in the third sector. They can also support in looking for fundings and loans.

MAG Mutua
Mag. Soc. Mutua for self-management was born in Verona in 1978 in the wake of many experiences of self-management that were established in Italy in industrial work, agriculture and services.

From the outset, the Mag guides the associates to rethink the use of private money and to direct it to social and mutual aid activities. This is how ethical and solidarity finance was born, which inspired another 6 Mags in Italy.

The purpose of the Mag, through the dedicated Service Center, is to promote and accompany with guidance, vocational and cultural training, with entrepreneurial and microfinance services, Associative and non-profit business enterprises conducted with the self-management method (Mutual Cooperatives, Business Associations, Community Foundations, Onlus).

Mag Verona

Startup incubators are organizations that accelerate the creation of a business through a systematic process which involves various steps and supporting tools. There can be public incubators, which are the majority, and private ones.

Public incubators aim to foster the competitiveness of certain sectors or geographical areas, while private ones often have an economic purpose, because they own a share of the company. Whatever the purpose, the growth tools deployed generally remain the same. Just check the closest incubator in your city.

Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce of Padua was founded December 27, 1811 under Napoleon King of Italy. The Chamber represents the economic and social components of the business community rooted in the territory. Every single city has one. They provide you with all the support from the type of business to start up through the documents needed till the type of funds you can access. They can support you to start up both a profit and a not for profit enterprise.


The FILO desks (belonging to the Unioncamere) and all the other points and chamber services for entrepreneurship make use of a common and shared endowment of specific support and support services and tools for business creation and start-up (made available by Unioncamere), here you can find the list of services they deliver


The government the web page of the Ministry for economic development, gives instructions and information regarding every type of innovative, new or updated documents regarding the business start up but also business support.