Digital Internationalisation and Financial Literacy Skills for micro-entrepreneurs has been created to identify existing gaps in micro entrepreneurs’ skills and to develop fundamental competences related to financial literacy and digital skills to help internationalise and develop businesses.

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In the fast-paced world of business, we aim to offer you an effective e-learning tool to ensure that you can develop the appropriate knowledge and skills in your own time and at your own place and pace. We believe that the available technologies to make a course...

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The DIFME partnership was designed to achieve the right mix of subject matter expertise to deliver the project's goals. The partnership comprises five Higher Education Institution Partners who recognise the critical role of education in helping entrepreneurs to improve the survival rates of their businesses and six Enterprise Partners to provide the entrepreneurs' perspective.

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Vice President European Parliament MEP Roberta Metsola

What is DIFME: Digital Internationalisation and Financial Literacy Skills for micro entrepreneurs

What will the project do?

The DIFME project seeks to deliver a curriculum to meet the real needs of entrepreneurs in the areas of financial literacy and digital skills. Through an in-depth analysis of the needs of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurship programmes offered by Higher Education Institutions in the EU (and beyond) it will identify the fundamental competencies required in the two disciplines and the gaps in existing provision. The project will then design and test a curriculum to deliver these skills in a combination of methods including an e-learning platform.

Access to the learning platform and signposts to other valuable information sources will be made available through an online SME HUB.

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The challenges and opportunities the project aims to address are based on the following findings about the survival rate of newly founded entities and the value and importance of micro enterprises for economic development and job creation.

30 - 60%

of newly founded entities created by self-employed survive past 5 years

30.6 million

individuals were self-employed in the EU-28 in 2016

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