The documents detailed hereunder present the curriculum for DIFME Training Tool.

Besides the curriculum outline in the partner languages, the DIFME consortium also offers the DIFME training tool contents in English, German, Greek. Dutch, Bulgarian and Italian thus covering all the business languages of the target audience in the partner countries. Learners would have found themselves at an inherent disadvantage should we have solely offered the DIFME Training Course in English. We believe that no training tool can have any impact on the learner unless it is available in their business language as business-language instruction is crucial to optimize learners’ success.

Each DIFME Module has been built by a 5 DIFME Higher Education Institute Partner working with our 6 DIFME Business Partners.

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Financial Literacy Modules

Digital Internationalisation Modules

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Our DIFME Doing Business in the SME HUB section is also available in English, Greek, German, Dutch, Italian and Bulgarian.