The DIFME partners developed the ‘SME HUB’ as an easy to use environment that integrates effective access to learning fundamental concepts for entrepreneurship. Scroll through our SME Hub section to find out about what doing business in the DIFME partner countries – There are separate sections for Doing Business in Malta, Ireland, Greece , Germany , Italy, Bulgaria and the Netherlands . There are also articles, news , and of course the detailed curriculum for the eLearning tool. Direct access to the e-learning platform is available in 6 languages (in Greek, German, Italian, Bulgarian , English and Dutch).

Throughout our DIFME journey we have supported entrepreneurs to seize new business opportunities through the various piloting activities in the 7 countries. We intended to have a more integral approach on a face to face level and have therefore committed to several online events for our piloting and workshops to foster more interaction with other experienced entrepreneurs and academics. Throughout the DIFME project, another objective was to promote cooperation between education organisations and entrepreneurs through our thematic events to raise awareness and reaching stakeholders across Europe. Recorded events can be accessed through the SME HUB.