DIFME Training Course

The DIFME training course toolkit is free to use!

The DIFME training course intends to enhance entrepreneurs' capacity to undertake responsible financial choices and to understand digital techniques readily available to boost their enterprise. It has been built by 5 European Universities and 6 European Businesses Universities working in tandem on 9 modules (see more information here).

We started off by asking over 450 European businesses what they need and concluded by testing the deliverables in 7 EU countries. The toolkit is in PowerPoint format so that you can easily follow the coursework on your own or utilised in the classroom as a tool for teaching. You can keep track of your success and at the end of the coursework, your input is acknowledged with a certificate of participation.

In the fast-paced world of business, we, the DIFME consortium, aim to offer you an effective e-learning tool to offer you the flexibility to understand the subject matters in your own time, place and pace.

DIFME has been piloted in 7 Countries. In order to make DIFME truly accessible it has been fully translated to be available in 6 languages. We recommend that you also go through the Doing Business Section under the SME HUB. Should you be interested further in Data Analytics you can refer to the DIFME subsection here

Click here for the DIFME training toolkit: