Doing business in Bulgaria

Licenza e Permessi

Licensing requirements

Those who want to start a business must pay attention to the licensing requirements before they start the incorporation procedure of the company, as there are many industries which require specific licenses, permits or authorizations with designated governmental bodies.

Specific business activities may require having a license or permit to operate and this depends on the country they are operating from.

Examples may include (but are not limited to):

Tourist guide and travel operator, Veterinary services, Catering establishments, Food safety, Street and Market Hawkers, Auctioneers, Car Boot Sales, Door to Door sales, Marketing agents, Commercial fairs and exhibitions, Hairdressing and other beauty treatment, Buskers, catering services and restaurants; Plumbing companies, Wholesale or retail distributors, Manufacturer of steel products; and Manufacturer of small IT devices, Other entities in the trading sector.

Further information:

Professional Qualifications

Recognition statements for qualifications may be required for various reasons, such as: setting up shop, tax rebate, scholarship schemes, a single permit/visa/citizenship for employees, amongst others.

The Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications is an important aspect of the free movement of citizens throughout the EU.