Doing Business in the Netherlands


When planning to set-up your business, it is wise to have a clear over-view of the current local costs which will in turn help you make sound financial planning.

You can refer here to consider how much starting capital you need when you are going to finance it yourself and which costs do you need to take into account. Think of an overview of your private costs, but also the costs related to your company such as income taxes, insurances, location etc.

Hereunder we highlight some of the costs related to utilities such as electricity and gas, communication etc.

Costs Country Links

  • Electricity and gas
    In the Netherlands there is a multitude of providers of electricity and gas services. There are also multiple website which compare the rates of electricity and gas, one them is:, which is an independent comparing website.
    Here you can find also some help in calculating your electricity and gas bill:
  • Water
    Unlike the providers of electricity and gas services, you cannot choose a water company. There are 10 water companies across the Netherlands and your water company is depending on the region your living. Here you can find the different water companies.
    The tariff for water is very low (around 1 Euro per 1000 liters, excluding taxes), but the tariff differs among municipalities. Here you can find the rates for water in your municipality.
  • Fuel prices
    Click here
  • Communication - Fixed line Telephony, Mobile Telephony, Internet
    There are many options for communication nowadays. Probably you already have a phone subscription when you start your business, but there are also other options. Here you can find some guidance in which choices you need to make
    Here you can find information on how you can deduct your communication costs for taxes.
  • Property
    You have many options regarding a property for your business. When starting a business, the cheapest option is of course to work from home. However, this might not always be the best option for your business. Take a look at this checklist for more inspiration for the location of your business.
    Property Info.